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手工紡紗(Hand Spinning)是一種復古的織品工藝,數千年前,人們提取動植物纖維透過紡錘和捲線桿製作手捻線繼而編織工藝品。

隨著科技日益創新,歷史悠久的文化產物逐被遺忘,Reborn Story 藉承傳與活化「紡織」藝術,透過探索與發掘大自然原材料中,以獨特創新的紡紗工藝體驗喚醒人們響往「慢活」、重拾心靈棲息於大自然中的美妙旅程。

Reborn Story was founded by Cath Lau,a local textile artisan. She believes that we are closely connected to the nature around us, and indeed were interdependent. Through textile art we can experience nature by exploring it, by finding and extracting the fibres, and seeing how they work together.


Therefore, Cath believes we can take on a journey to a lifestyle of downshifting and wind down, peacefully experiencing the art of ancient craftsmanship, where we can break out of the limits and repetitiveness of mass production, where creativity flourishes.

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